A badly injured baby squirrel, rescued by two men in Turkey, starts a new life

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  • 11.11.2018 14:00:12

We heard many stories of people helping cats and dogs. Many animals get injured in the wild, but a few of them receive help from humans. 


Caramel, a cute baby squirrel from Batman province in Southeastern Turkey, was very lucky. 19-year-old Rüzgar Algan found Caramel in the forest accidentally caught in a trap left by hunters. She was badly injured. 


Rüzgar brought a baby squirrel to the veterinarian, but he could not treat it because of lack of knowledge and experience with squirrels, and Caramels condition was critical.



A man who rescued squirrel Caramel

A young man, Rüzgar Algan, who rescued Caramel.



After doing a quick search on Internet, Rüzgar contacted a man named Tayfun Demir who had an experience of caring for squirrels. They both decided to bring Caramel to the Veterinary Faculty, İstanbul University. Caramel suffered severely damaged forelimbs, broken bones and had to undergo a six-hour-long surgery. The surgery was successful and veterinarians confirmed that Caramel will be able to use its legs soon. 



baby squirrel Caramel

Caramel is being fed with a syringe.


“We have a lot of fun together”


Tayfun Demir who helped Rüzgar to save Caramel’s life, rescued a squirrel himself 3 years ago. 


“When I saw a video of Caramel, it touched me deeply, because I had a similar experience with my squirrel Alf”


Mr. Demir’s squirrel Alf, which lives together with him, was found nearly dead in the cat’s mouth. Alf made a full recovery, but its rescuer refused to release it back into the wild. Alf is a very tame and would not survive if realized.


Mr. Demir adopted Caramel, and now gives all of its time and love for her expecting a speedy recovery. 



baby squirrel Caramel eats walnut

Caramel enjoys her walnut.



“Squirrels are calm and adaptable creatures. We have a lot of fun together. I feed Caramel and Alf every two hours, so they are always with me. I created a safe and comfortable environment for them in my house and in my workplace.”  



baby squirrel Caramel

Caramel eats avocado.



“Once they see squirrels, they kill them”


“Unfortunately, if people face with squirrels, they kill them in Turkey. Squirrels belong to the group of rodents. Perhaps people kill them because they confuse them with rodents which are pests. This is wrong. I believe that by increasing awareness of these animals we can save their lives and prevent killings”. 


If you want to see more of this cute baby squirrel and its lovely relationship with its rescuer, here is a video: 






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