This is how people reacted when they saw a cat begging for money

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  • 11.11.2018 14:24:44

Running short of money? Want to get people to pay you for just lying in the same place all day long? Then you better be… a cat!


One man from the Turkish city of Bursa set up an interesting social experiment. He knew one Anatolian cat in his neighborhood that spent its entire day resting and sleeping in the same place, under the electric pole. 



cat begging for money



He put the cloth in front of the cat and hang a poster above saying “I am hungry!!! Please give me money”:



cat begging for money



Can you guess what happened next? Of course, people could not just pass the cat without giving it some money. During two days of “begging,” a cat collected a considerable amount of money that was used to buy cat food for the beggar cat and his friends.


Part of the money was used to cover veterinary costs for cats in need.



cat begging for money


“Our people are tender-hearted and caring”



cat begging for money



While not everyone realized what was going on at first, the experiment has proved itself successful. People were not only donating money but they also brought the cat food, while others were taking photos of now-famous beggar cat.



cat begging for money



“I am thankful for those who participated. This experiment has shown us once again how tender-hearted and caring for cats Turkish people are”.




Transcript of the video:

“This cat begs in the streets of Bursa. It needs money for the cat food. The experiment was an idea of the tradesman who wanted to raise awareness in order to help cats.” 



In Turkish:


Bursa’da Mama İçin "Dilenen" Kedi Fenomen Oldu!


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